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All Hands In

Who We Are

We are a group of Reiki Practitioners who choose to live our lives to the fullest by accepting our gifts to serve the community of healers and the people in need of healing in the wider communities.
We are Energy and Complementary Medicine Practitioners, Traditional and Intuitive Healers, and Spiritual Teachers promoting holistic health and spiritual living. 
Our purpose is to empower individuals, groups, and communities to heal themselves, their country, and Mother Earth.

”Reiki is love.

Love is wholeness.

Wholeness is balance.

Balance is well-being.

Well-being is freedom from disease.”

 ― Mikao Usui, Founder of Reiki

Image by Sina Katirachi

Our Story

We are a Circle, which means we all evolve with and from each other. We are not a hierarchy.  We continue to flow in our dynamics, no structure, just a flow, through our intuition.  Our ultimate goal is to be a channel to enhance our psychic abilities to be of service to humanity through healing, channeling, education, and sharing our living experiences.
Within our big circle are small circles, wherein people are grouped based on their own interests.  We have a circle for Reiki Practitioners, Complementary Medicine Practitioners, Traditional and Intuitive Healers, Angel Therapy Practitioners, and Spiritual Teachers.
We move through a flow. We do work based on the circle’s needs and intuition. Our meetings are set based on our flow.

Reiki Wellness Moments

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