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Reiki Professional Training - Continuing Education

Being a Reiki practitioner does not stop when you reach Shinpiden or Master level. Most often than not, most Masters find themselves in the beginning of a lifelong spiritual journey. It is also possible that at this point, you might be called to take your practice from personal to professional. If you're interested in going even deeper, you may want to pursue continuing education.

Reiki Professional Training - Continuing Education Program

Reiki Wellness Inc. offers a Continuing Education Program for those interested to take their practice to the professional level.

Reiki Professional Training Courses

These are the list of Courses under the Reiki Professional Training - Continuing Education Program:

  • Reiki Standard and Tools Training

  • Becoming a Meditation Teacher

  • Reiki Guidance

  • Successful Reiki Practice, Successful Spiritual Business

  • Reiki Medical - Medical Intuitive Training

All these courses are currently being taught online via Zoom. If you're interested in taking any of these classes, do check out for the schedule in the Reiki Wellness Manila Facebook Event Page.

You may also send your inquiries to


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