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Reiki Community Outreach Services

The Reiki Wellness team has been actively involved in Community Services, working with partner organizations and across a a variety of causes.

Fund Raising for Various Causes

The Reiki Wellness team organizes and supports fund raising activities to support their individual community members and other various causes such as victims of natural calamities.

Providing Wellness Tools for Stress and Trauma Relief and Holistic Health

Reiki Wellness has partnered up with Capacitar International and Capacitar Philippines Network with the mission to heal ourselves and heal our world.

We teach body centered practices that empower people to use their inner wisdom to heal and transform themselves to achieve wholeness, prosperous, and joyful life.

We also provide community and group Reiki healing.

Reiki for COVID-19 Patients

We offer distant reiki services for patients infected by COVID-19 as additional therapy.

Contact Us

Should you be interested in working with us for Community Services, you may send us an email at


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