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Tai Chi

Our Vision

We envision a caring society where each one recognizes, respects, and honors the presence of the Divine Creator in all its creation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the healing of the universe by actualizing in every way that healing is not only physical but more importantly, emotional and spiritual.

Our Goals

  1. To promote Reiki and other healing modalities towards the promotion of a holistic and inner healing of individuals, groups, and communities.

  2. To provide healing and related services (reiki, acupuncture, counseling, life-processing, therapeutic massage, divination, etc.)

  3. To train Reiki Healers and enhance their inner psychic abilities.

  4. To promote greater scientific understanding of psychic phenomena and development.

  5. To prove the effectiveness of Reiki and intuitive healing modalities through research and documentation.

  6. To advocate for mainstreaming of alternative and intuitive healing modalities.

  7. To establish local and international network of alternative and intuitive healers.

  8. To make the institution sustainable and self-supporting through extensive resource mobilization.

  9. To contribute to the healing of the country and Mother Earth in the era of heightened global spiritual transformation.

Our Commitment

We recognize the need to explore and develop the human person’s inner gifts to help in healing and transforming the world.


We realize that the ignorance of accepting and using the psychic and healing gifts can cause prejudices of many kinds. This results in an incredible waste of human talents that if carefully cultivated and encouraged, could be of great benefit to all of society.


We believe that we are part of a changing universal consciousness.


We are committed to healing ourselves and others. 


We are committed to joy, love of self, and life-affirmation.


We design the REIKI doing the work of a silent action that starts from within. We begin with the decision to honor and pay attention to our inner being, to place a higher value on the quiet voice, on the voice within, and to commit by taking steps that will support the inner development of all people.


We commit to use our inner gifts into the highest ideal of developing the spirit and not just material glory.


We believe that a Higher Power greater than ourselves has the capacity to restore healing and well-being.

Meet The Team


Lilian "Aisa" Jarales Hewlett

Aisa is a Reiki Master Teacher, Angel-Light Work Teacher, Earth Intuitive Worker, Cosmic Space-Feng Shui Consultant, Daoist Medicine Practitioner. Certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine  and Pediatric Acupuncture.


Nanette R. Punzalan

Nanette is a Reiki Master Teacher and an Angel Light Worker. She uses both on her practice. 


Hilda Narciso

Hilda practices Acupressure, Reiki and Energy Massage.

We are a Circle, which means we all evolve with and from each other. We are not hierarchy.  We continue to flow in our dynamics, no structure, just a flow through our intuition.  Our ultimate goal is to be a channel to enhance our psychic abilities to be of service to the humanity through healing, channeling, education, and sharing our living experiences.
Within our big circle are small circles, wherein people are grouped based on their own interests.  We have a circle for Reiki Practitioners, Complementary Medicine Practitioners, Traditional and Intuitive Healers, Angel Therapy Practitioners, and Spiritual Teachers.
We move through a flow. We do work  based on the circle’s needs and intuition. Our meetings are set based on our flow.

John Ray R. Nagas

John practices Reiki and Traditional Hilot. He is also a meditation teacher.


Celine Veloso

Celine is a Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Meditation Facilitator, and Capacitar Practitioner

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