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Pinoy Hilot (Philippine Traditional Healing) (temporarily unavailable)

Hilot is the age-old indigenous Filipino healing practice associated with elderly healers. It is relatively complex way of healing methodology complete with philosophy, health concept, healing concept and healing methodologies. The “Hilot” Master or “manghihilot” could identify body illnesses or areas of energy imbalance in the body through many unconventional methods like pulse reading, hot and cold analysis, phrenology, stool/urine/perspiration analysis.

It is the oldest and the most secret arts in the Philippines. Due to the secrecy of the art, very rarely do “manghihilot” teach this art to the general public. Most Hilot in the Philippines are either learned from relatives, through hands on practice, or inherited from their forefathers, passing the art from one generation to the next.

Set an Appointment

Pinoy Hilot is scheduled by appointment at the Reiki Wellness Center in Quezon City, Philippines. (Important Note: The Reiki Wellness Center is temporarily closed as a safety precaution due to Covid-19.)

The Fair Energy Exchange for Pinoy Hilot is PHP 2,000.00 per session (60 minutes).

For inquiries, you may reach us via:


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